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Nourish your sensitive, irritated, dry skin with lightweight BODY OAT MILK LOTION. It is packed with great soothing ingredients like hemp protein, silk peptide, carrot seed extract, and oatmeal. 

Body Oat Milk - Skin Soothing Lotion


The lightweight gentle lotion will keep skin soft, supple, and comfortable all day or all night long.

  • COLLOIDAL OATMEAL has a high percentage of beta-glucan - a skin-soothing polysaccharide that may promote wound healing.
  • SILK PEPTIDE provides moisture balance and imparts a silky, smooth feel to the skin.
  • HEMP PROTEIN- restores epidermal homeostasis for more vibrant and healthy skin.
  • CARROT SEED EXTRACT helps with wound healing and soothing inflamed skin.
  • APRICOT KERNEL OIL has been found to help with dry, itchy skin. It is a good skincare alternative for people with nut allergies. 
  • A blend of heady natural JASMINE with vibrant BERGAMOT and SWEET ORANGE essential oils. 100% natural. 



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