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This soap is designed specifically for cleaning. Perfect for washing dishes, spot removal on upholstery, laundry stains, and use as an all purpose cleaner.

Household Coconut Soap


Natural products to clean your home – what could be more perfect than that?

  •  Spot cleaning upholstery or bedding. You can get the bar wet or spray the fabric with water. Then rub the bar onto the stain and follow with a wet rag. If just a small stain gets on a quilt or bedspread I will often do this rather than washing the whole thing.

  • Use it as a dish soap. Simply keep a bar with a wooden scrub brush and dish rag by your sink, get soap on you brush or rag, and clean your dishes.

  • Rub the bar directly on any laundry stains before you put them in the washer. A little water and some scrubbing with this soap will effectively pretreat stains very well. It is especially good for greasy or ground in stains that resist stain sprays, like ring around the collar or kid’s dirty sleeves around their wrists.

  • When you travel, take a bar with you to hand-wash small clothing items in the sink.

  • Can be used to rub onto stains, clean spots on the carpet, or rubbed onto a damp cloth for cleaning counters, appliances, or anything else.

  • This soap is a great choice for camping, fishing or traveling because it works great in cold water.

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